My name is Luke Darracott. I am a writer, wine expert, translator, amateur photographer, traveler, food-lover, hispanophile, russophile, presenter, linguist and adventurer. I'm never without my notebook, my camera and my phone and I can usually be found walking up a mountain or sitting and scribbling in a corner of a Spanish bar with a bottle of sherry. 


My Story

I was born in the horse-powered race town of Ascot but spent all my life living by the Thames in Maidenhead. I went to school in Hurst and then Sonning, never straying far from the river. I am a Berkshire boy, born and bred. My father and his family hail from the West Country and my mother from Liverpool. They met, worked and fell in love in Africa - Tanzania. I was brought up in a household of science and wanderlust. It shaped who I am today.



After studying Spanish and Russian at the University of Bath I spent three years living in Madrid and another one year in Moscow. In their respective countries I traveled extensively, integrated myself with the locals and wrote constantly. In 2010 I published my first book - The Sun Struck Upwards, about the many regions of Spain and in 2015 I published a second - a book about the Camino de Santiago, El Camino. At the same time I present a television project called Finding Little Italy and am currently filming a new series called Spanish Tapas Tour. I also write articles as often as possible with a view to publication - National Geographic, Wanderlust, Lonely Planet. In short I love to be creative and I live to travel. A lot of people say they love travelling but I genuinely need it, right down to my marrow.  

I am also the holder of a WSET level 3 distinction and give regular wine tastings. My other current projects include the Spanish Wine Experience with my friend and colleague Roque Madrid: a podcast, blog and tour and wine tasting company; and also my Meet the Tapas blog, which documents Spanish food dish by dish.

When I'm not working on projects I spend my time cooking, eating, drinking and planning trips that I hope to one day have enough time and money to do. I also work with Devour Tours (www.madridfoodtour.com) where I give gastronomic tours throughout the city.