My projects are what keep my mind busy. Writing travel books, articles, presenting TV programs, translating texts and filming videos. These are some of the things I am involved in right now.

Above are six larger scale projects: Finding Little Italy, which I present on behalf of Cuarto Creciente; the Darracott Camino videos on YouTube, which I present on behalf of myself; my two published travel books about Spain; the My Iceland video series - to be paired with upcoming written project; and the Spanish Wine Experience (blogs, podcasts, tastings about wine).



El Camino
By Luke Darracott

El Camino - a 1200km walk through Spain incorporating different strands of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. I pass through Cantabria and the Basque Country backwards, then cross the Pyrenees to trek through Navarra, La Rioja, Castilla y Leon and Galicia before finally finishing at sea near Finisterre - the End of the World.

It is a story of discovering a country step by step; of walking through injury; of making great friends and seeing old ones; of braving the wild weather; of drinking wine; of falling in love; of drinking more wine and of enjoying Spain, its culture and its history.

It is a love letter to a cherished country.

The accompanying video blog of the trip can be found here:

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The Sun Struck Upwards
By Luke Darracott

The Sun Struck Upwards - a travel book about a journey across the fifteen autonomous communities of the Iberian peninsula.

Learn - about the regions, their culture, character and history. 

Meet - the locals who give a voice to the country's regionalism.

Taste - the different flavours and dishes they have to offer from plump empanadas to hearty fabada.

See - the changing landscapes and diverse cities that populate the country.






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His method of writing illustrates perfectly, the beauty of Spain and in particular, the Spanish people and their ability to make people feel welcome and their pride in their country.


Finding Little Italy is a different kind of travel documentary. It attempts to capture the heart and spirit of a country so famous for its lifestyle and its food that it is always feels familiar. Italy is more than pasta and cities like Rome, Venice and Florence. Our programme attempts to take that singular symbol of Italy, the Vespa, and take it around the country through smaller and maybe unknown areas. 

Episodes 1-6 take the viewer through six very distinct regions. From the elegant seaside charm of Liguria to the wine-soaked fuzzy hills of Piemonte; from the scenic opulence of Tuscany to its wilder cousin of Umbria; and from the gastronomic exuberance of Emilia to the volcanic Roman heartland of Lazio; this first series of Finding Little Italy is just the start of a great adventure through the smaller side Italia. 

Join us on a great journey through the smaller side of Italy. 

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