That which is happening.

For those of you that don't know me, and so have no concept of what I am doing in life, nice to meet you, I will inform you shortly. For those of you who know me and have no concept of what i'm doing in life, you call yourself friends! For those of you that have chanced upon this page and have had the computer system freeze up on you and therefore forbid you from not reading these words, hahahaha and stop looking at pornography for goodness sake, you have parents to think of...preferably not at the same time.

Having graduated from Bath University and having successfully completely my CELTA teaching qualification, I have decided to try my luck as an English teacher in Madrid. This weblog - and it is named 'slices' for a reason - will present snippets of Spanish life and memorable experiences that I have during my time here. What it (hopefully) won't be is a turgid detailed account of everything that happens to me ust for the sake of writing something. My return ticket is booked for the 22nd of December for xmas - although i've just been informed during an interview that some schools teach then too! - so if all goes tits up and arse in the air I can take comfort - hopefully - in pumping my stomach so brutally full of dead bird and crispy root vegetables that I will forget that my life is spiralling into the ground.

If all goes to plan - The plan being that one of the schools that I STILL haven't heard from whether or not I have a job might someday decide to employ me. Part two of the plan being to get myself a flat in Madrid, trying not to bankrupt myself too much in the process - If all goes to plan i'll have officially 'moved' to Spain and will have started a new life here, rich and dripping with cheap wine, sunshine, and Iberian language.
I still have interviews, I still don't have a job. It's all the air. Nothing is concrete.
It's a bit daunting but I suppose we'll just have to see how it all goes.
Anyway, must dash, got to sort my life out.