Illness: Part 2

I went back to the doctor today.
Once again feels like I'm trying to swallow a pineapple.
So I'm sat there outside Doctor Asuncion Alonso's office. She's quite popular, especially with old people. I was there in a cocoon of old, surrounded by grey hair. I had to wait for over an hour before I was seen, occasionally swapping some banter with the oldies who were quite sprightly.
"You and I've bin ere an age" he said (I imagine that would be his accent were he English)
"Yes, we have, I should've brought a book" I added
"Haha, yeah. S'a load of bollocks" I believe he responded.

Finally it was my turn. I relayed my infectious story to the doctor and she nodded and looked all doctorlike and medical. She then took me over to a seat, shone a light at my face and asked me to 'ahh' again.
"Mmm, that is very red...very red indeed"
Smashing I thought....
"You have a nasty virus in your throat"
Double smashing I thought...

She gave me a couple of prescriptions and a 'baja' form - this means that I must take at least a day of work and can't go back to work if I don't get an 'alta' date. The I'm better date. I'm supposed to go back in and see her on Friday, but I think I'll pop in sooner if I feel better. She expressed a logical concern about the combination of a bad throat virus and working until 10 everyday in a conversation school. She said that I had better not go to work today and to just see how the drugs work. I thanked her, smacked her on the back and left.
I didn't smack her on the back.
And now what?
A day indoors.
I got some fresh air and went to a market, but that's about it.
I'm going to go and read some Shakespeare to quell my stirring boredom.
In fact most of you could have done without this blog. It's part of my medication. Helping me to get better. The more I use my brain, the less I think about being ill and painful, the better I feel. Though it is starting to give me a headache.
I'll stop now.