Tomorrow morning I jet off to Turin to start about five weeks of filming for our television series Finding Little Italy. 

A couple of years of hard work and dreams have led up to this moment. My diet plan was cut short so we'll see if I have got fit enough to look 'good' on camera. I'm worried. My face is still red, but I'm still me at the end of the day. 

There shall be no blogs for the following few weeks as I'll be working very hard and whatever free time I have will be dedicated to reading Ian Banks, writing my Madrid book, resting or drinking wine. 

I shall however be making a 'behind the scenes' video of each region that I will edit and put up on my YouTube so please stay tuned and you can see what we're getting up to!

I set off on the 8 o'clock plane from Madrid Barajas. Must finish packing.

Much love,

Luke x