Life in concrete

I'll keep this quick and to the point as I wouldn't class it as of paramount interest to those of you searching for truths and eccentricities of Spain, but it's about my new life.
I got the job.
I started the job.
The school is called Talking Point Conversational School - - and is slap bing bang in the central part of Madrid, called Sol. It's near all the tourist sights; the palace, the squares, the shops, the theatre etc. So it's pretty sweet.
The school operates from 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening. However this doesn't necessarily mean that I work all these hours. Somedays I may start at 11:30am, but then end at 22:00. Or I start at 10:00am and finish at 7:00pm. At the moment i'm just having training - being told how the school works, where everything is, sitting in on teachers' lessons, which toilet is probably best that I do my businesses in etc, but I think i'll be starting teaching proper on Saturday or Monday.

NOTE - I just spent ages writing this blog, only to lose it because life and the internet can be more of a knob than Hitler. I don't even know if what I was writing would have even been interesting, but I think it was.

I've got a job. Today I signed a contract for a flat in Moncloa district - very studenty. I'll be living with a girl called Elena who is one of my chums from the CELTA teaching course I did. In fairness, she did all the work. It's small, modern and new. I just signed my name and smiled.

In short - writing little as the first draft took ages to type - the one main downside to my job is that I may miss Xmas, as Spanish people don't stop for what we call Xmas. Half of the teachers teach Xmas whilst the other half can go home. The Xmassers can then go home at New Year - the out of this world massive Madrid party night (NOTE - i've never really believed in the current use of that phrase given the vast number of satellites, beasties and people the Earth has coughed into the cosmos) that is apparently is not to be missed - and those Xmas holidayers must then cover entry into 2010.
Long days.
Long week; finish at 22:00 tomorrow for example.
If nothing else my Spanish chums have said that we're going to have a Flat Inauguaration party on Saturday night at my new pad. Should be nice.
I'll leave it there, you probably want to get on with your lives. Or, if nothing else, continue searching for inappropriate material, or applying for your member enlargement, or responding to that Nigerian Prince offering you his fortunes.
All the best. Pips and toodles.