In place with German air suppot

It's 10:11 in the morning, Tuesday. I'm sat, alone, in my boxers, watching a dubbed episode of the German 'dramatic' series 'Medicopter 117: Jedes Leben zählt. An empty bottle of last night's 'Ribera del Duero' red wine sits artfully by an empty glass whose bottom is kissed with grapey crimson. I am writing this on our new internet. I say ours. It's the neighbours'. At 10:30 last night, having just rubbed sleep forcefully from my eyes and told my mouth to smile in an innocent way, we negotiated rather easily to share (and pay our way for) the wireless internet with our Portuguese neighbours.
So I'm set up. Phone. Friends. Job. Internet.
All I need is a cat (subsititute in canine, porcine or vulpine animal as applicable) and I'll be a fully fledged adult human.

For some reason this German medical helicopter thinks it is in fact a Police helicopter and is 'dramatically' chasing an escaped mental patient in a truck. I can't help wondering what the German Police are up to. Maybe they are giving CPR to someone who decided to inhale an oversized Bratwurst!

German Mission Impossible aside, everything's going quite well here.
The job is really good but the evening classes get quite tough/tiresome. You've just finished a class at 8:27 and are taking your allotted 5 minute interval. You refill your water bottle. You share words and knowing smiles with your fellow teachers. You rub your eyes, slap your face, snort a smint and wipe that smile onto your face and go find your table for the next 1.5 hour chat. And you remember that everyone you know outside of this office is enjoying their evening, perhaps having a drink with some friends, or watching Medicopter. But, wait, before tiptoeing gracefully down into the dumps you also remember that almost everyone you know ISN'T get over it. That's the process from Monday-Friday. I'll get used to it.

That's probably all I will say from now on about day-to-day things. I should stick to my previously mentioned maxim of not doing a 'then I did this, then I did that...Oh! and HAHAHA then THIS happened, it was really rather funny' kind of blog. We'll see though. Depende de que pasa aqui.

Medicopter's final exciting scene has ended, rather flatly. The truck nutter has been stopped thanks to the two daring 'medics' climbing up to the driver area and disarming him. However Sanitäter Ralf Staller - played poignantly by Wolfgang Krewe - was shot in the arm!!! I hope he's ok...he's like my favourite...
He should be. He's a bloody medic.

Ta ta for now and all that!