Could it be a tortilla crumb?

You know what I hate?
I hate people.
I hate it when they get in my way at lunchtime, meandering around the place as if spatial awareness is a trick left by the ancestors only to chimps, gibbons, tarsiers, frogs, sharks, ants and rocks. I hate the way they walk around stupidly, sometimes locking on to your route from metres away and honing in blindly. I hate the way they fund vacuous religions that we're better off without. I hate the way they block the escalator. Everybody knows you stand on the right and keep the left free. Some people, usually complete idiots, or occasionally dumb-tards, stand with their cerebrally challenged friend and block the route. This would be understandable if it weren't busy. But is it really the right course
of action during the busy hours at one of the busiest stations in the city? No. No is the answer. No, because they're 100% stupid.
Sometimes, usually twice a day, I really, really dislike the human race.

You know what I love?
I love people.
I love the way they can find interest or enjoyment in even the dullest or irrelevant things. I love the way they're ready to give up comfort for those in need of it. I love the way people, even in the biggest cities, find time to create and maintain beautiful parks and allow me to run around them, along gurgling, sparkly streams and past green, fuzzy hedgerows. I love the way they manage to consistently surprise me with science. I love the way they evolved. I love the way people are up for going for a curry, even in the dodgy part of town, just to have a chat and share a beer. I love the way people have different laughs. I love the way that they're 100%
fascinatingly crap and wonderful at the same.
Sometimes, usually more than twice a day, I really, really love the human race.

I also went to an international beer festival last weekend. That was...beery and comforting.

Offing now.