What a load of bullspain!

It as been a while hasn't it. This, I reckon, can only be a good thing. It means I'm not angry at things and that everything is running smoothly.
And it is.
I just had one of my best friends James - a.k.a Jimmy, a.k.a Nemo - over for a long weekend. Spain, and more importantly for me Madrid, has lots of public holidays. I have already had two and I've only been here one month and a half. This means a day-off, which is always welcome.

The young British lad arrived Friday morning, got off at the wrong stop on the way to my flat and consequently made me exactly 9minutes late for work that day. Nobody noticed. Smooth. He spent his own day in Madrid being a tourist doing touristical things. In the evening, after I jetted back on the metro from my home class in the south of the city, we met up at the pub 'La Solera'. It's a pub where, every Thursday/Friday, the teachers I work with go for drinkies. We had some drinkies. We then left for 'Cafe San Gines' - a historic cafe that famously serves churros (deep fried sweet pastry tubes) with chocolate.
After a fine night of sleeping we offed to La Latina, my favourite place for tapas. We plunged our faces into big plates of lomo al ajo (slow cooked pork in a garlic oil sauce) and huevos rotos (fried egg with pieces of Iberian ham) both served on a bed of home-made roast potato-crisps. Then we bumbled up the road to madrono where, even though the food isn't such a mind-melter, they serve a fruity 'digestif' liquor in an edible shot glass. Kind of a strawberry-ry flavoured (an adjective coined confusedly by my Scottish co-worker Euan). We then went to a pub/bar recently opened by the cousin of Talking Point's administrator Rocio in order to meet every teacher that works for the company whilst simultaneously drinking a 'double with lemon' and not knowing what the 'double' part was.
I then cooked us, and another teacher - Irish Anna, a frankly superb pasta dinner. Frankly...superb.
Then we walked to a rock bar called, with a side-swipe of whimsy, 'Honky Tonk'. A great name, no doubt thought up without even a whiff of kookiness. We were met by a subterranean concert hall and a stylish, modern bar upstairs. However with entry and drinks at 9 euros it's a pricey night for any Honky Tonker.

Sunday. El Rastro market again - a cocktail of irate thoughts and judicial shoving and gritting of teeth. A mighty siesta in the afternoon. Mighty...siesta. In the evening we went to the glittering, delicatesseny prominence that is the San Miguel Market. Firstly we took a nice, cold, walk down the main streets in Madrid. We passed Plaza de Espana, Ventura Rodriguez, the Royal Palace and burst into the glitzy world of consumption. Marbled fishy treats on pieces of bread; fine, mature sheep cheeses with lingering flavours; heaving plates of gloriously juicy olives; glasses of the finest crimson wines; pates with glistening caramelised onion marmalades and heaving, steaming bowls of lemony, fresh mussels all plummeted into our yearning tummies that evening. We finished the evening off with an ice cream in the cold. Perfection.

Monday. We spent the whole day walking around, journeying, photographing, laughing, and getting purposefully lost in Toledo. Only 30minutes away on the bullet train. K'bosh! The weather was understanding and the sun joined us for most of the day, causing the UNESCO World Heritage City to glow knowingly at its own marvelousness.

That's more or less all of interest that's happened to me recently.
Oh, though I did see a bunch of feral children - all overly large clothes, 'bling' chains and gangsta hand signals - ruining the metro last Friday. One was pissing in a corner. Another one threw a halogen ceiling light down onto the platform, where it half smashed. The abuse of genetics then thought it was a superlative idea to pick up the remaining half and throw it at my train as it arrived into the station, whereupon it exploded into a billion sparkling pieces of supercooled silicon. Perfectly logical behaviour, for an ABSOLUTE MORON.
It's nice to be angry about something. Let's me feel good about myself.

I shall leave that there. There it has been left. Not right. Correct yes, but not right, left. If it wasn't correct maybe it could be right, but then perhaps not left. It is left. It has been left. I have left it there and here I shall leave it.